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Hello Downtown Comics customers,

The current COVID-19 pandemic has finally arrived on our collective doorsteps. There will be NO NEW COMICS shipping this week. What does this mean for you and us? What can you do to support your favorite comic book store while nothing is shipping this week?

Here are some ideas:

1. Are you a pull customer at one of our locations? If you have any comics still on hold please consider buying what is currently in your box. We are offering FREE shipping if the total is over $10. How can you pay?

     a. Log in to your account (web brower) and simply transfer your aside books into the shopping cart, use either paypal or square to pay. contact the store with your shipping address if you want the shipping option,  contact-less pickup at our NORTHSIDE location (all stores subs) between 11am-4pm TUES-SAT, hold at the store until we can have open retail again. Never tried the Call or email us to get setup (its easy)

    b. contact us with you email address and we will directly invoice you via paypal and you can pay your way then let us know from the above options how you want to get them.

    c. Call us at 317-845-9991 during the TUES-SAT 11am-4pm and we can take payment over the phone.

2. Are you a regular customer at one of our locations? Find something you haven't read before...its NEW to you. You can shop virtually at 24/7 we currently have a 25% coupon code DTMAR25 active until 4/6/2020. or call/email.

If you have any questions please contact us and we appreciate your support.

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