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Fans know the future from Back to the Future II will finally catch up with us this Wednesday October 21st, 2015. Released in 1989, this movie promised us flying cars and wall-mounted fax machines. What did we get? Umm, cars that are basically the same. We each have more storage capacity in a phone than NASA had in 1989, and the car is still the car- lame. Oh and we have texting.

Anyway, to celebrate, Downtown Comics is going back to 1989 a full 4 years before we existed. In 1989 your average comic on the shelf cost a mere $1.00.


THIS WEDNESDAY ONLY all single comics on our shelves will be sold for ONLY $1.00.

There are of course exceptions:

1. This does not include the new comics for this week (they are still cover price)

2. This doesn't include variants, back issues or other specialty items (just regular comics on our shelves).

3. A customer may buy only 1 copy of any one issue. So you can buy 100 comics at a $1.00 but it will be 100 different comics.

4. No other discounts or promotions may be combined with this sale except for customer loyalty points.


So take this opportunity to catch up or try something new.

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