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Well, after a nice run of 220K miles, the old Volvo finally gave out. Actually, I neglected to replace the timing belt at 210K(sorry betsy) and heard the gut wrenching sound of *snap* followed by the clicking of cylinders all out of sync. Anyway, i need to buy a different car. Looking for a 4 door sedan that can fit 2 child seats and a 10yo in back. 25mpg or so(or better) and service records that show me it has been maintained. Something in the 8-10K range would be good. Camry, Accord, 626, Impala. Dont really care what kind of car as long as it's reliable. Let me hear what you got if you are changing cars.

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Comment by Ryan on February 25, 2008 at 9:49pm
I just drove Laura to the mechanic to pick up her car...she's got several engine/transmission leaks. Glad I got the extended warranty...PT Cruisers (built in Mexico) are the worst built Chrysler cars I've ever seen. My next car is going to be Japanese...something small that gets at least 30 mpg.




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