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We're a pretty easygoing lot around here but we do have a few rules you need to keep in mind while spending time on our site. Think of the DTC site as a social gathering where kids are welcome. We want to host a nice little party where everyone can hang out, be themselves, and engage in conversation with others. Please don't use language, posts, or links that are inappropriate to younger guests. Don't harrass guests with your amway pitch or swap schemes. Dont set up a hot dog and beer stand in front of our cafeteria. Anything not specifically covered by the rules below will fall under the all encompassing "Dont be a jerk" rule. This rule is interpreted and enforced subjectively by us so there is no wiggle room once we determine it has been broken. So please just be nice, considerate of others(and DTC), and have fun mingling. Oh, and try the crabcakes. They're delicious.

* Don't post graphic images or links to graphic content.
* Don't post advertisements or endorsements for competitors.
* Don't use our site to sell your stuff.
* Don't use our site to promote your; side business, swap-program, scam.
* Don't encourage others to perform illegal acts.
* Don't post hate speech.
* Don't post private/contact information no matter how easily obtained.
* Don't troll/harass others.
* Don't post illegal content of any kind.




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